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The forthcoming event ECRYS 2011 is planned as the summit of the series of tri-annual conferences ECRYS on Electronic Crystals, which have been organized since 1993 in France. The meeting will be held by the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Carg├Ęse, Corse, France (

To appreciate the character of our meetings, please visit the website of the previous event ECRYS-2008

For the first time, the meeting will be organized in a format of the international research school; and its duration will be two weeks August 15-27, 2011. We preview participations either for the two weeks or for only one week.


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Serguei Brazovskii Orsay France
Natasha Kirova Orsay France
Pierre Monceau Grenoble France
International Advisory Board
S. ArtemenkoMoscowRussia
A. BianconiRomeItaly
J. BrooksTallahasseeUSA
K. Biljakovic Zagreb Croatia
P. Chaikin NYUUSA
M. Dressel StuttgartGermany
L. ForroLauzanne Switzerland
H. FukuyamaTokyoJapan
P. LittlewoodCambridge UK
J-P. Pouget OrsayFrance
Ch. SimonCaenFrance
T. TakahashiTokyoJapan
R. Thorne CornellUSA
Y. TokuraTokyoJapan
J. TranquadaBrookhavenUSA
V.M. YakovenkoMarylandUSA
Y. YeshurunBar-IlanIsrael