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Proceedings of the ECRYS-2011 will be published as a special issue of the journal Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter. The Proceedings will be included in the regular promotion of the Publisher and will be advertised by the Publisher in his international journals.

The first named or corresponding author of each contribution will be provided, at no cost, with a PDF file of the article via e-mail or, alternatively, with 25 free paper offprints.

The hard copy of the proceedings volume will be mailed to each participant.

Participant must submit two clear printed copies of the manuscript August 15.

All manuscripts will be reviewed during the conference.

Page limit: 4 pages , for lectures - 6 pages

General instructions for manuscript preparation

Please download, by clicking here , the Physica B instructions for the preparation of your manuscripts.

The manuscript should be prepared either in Word or in latex format.

If you wish to submit your manuscript in Word format, please download the Word template (ignore any warning about disabled or missing macros). That template gives a correct indication of the length of a Word manuscript.

For LATEX style sheets please

download the Latex template


The following website would also be helpful:

After acceptance, the electronic version of the manuscript should be submitted together with the paper copy.