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ECRYS virtues: ECRYS provides cross-links between various communities engaged in studies of spontaneous superstructures formed by electrons in solids, with extensions to such related systems as charged objects in soft matter and biology, vortices in superconductors, magnetic and ferroelectric domains, etc. The goal is to bring together scientists who normally are involved in related problematic but are divided in several poorly-interacting communities oriented towards more focused schools and conferences, e.g.: on high-Tc superconductors, on strongly correlated systems, on hetero-junctions, on high magnetic fields, on oxides or organic conductors, on soft and bio matters.
As the first cross-community meeting in the format of the international research school, ECRYS 2011 will attract and initiate young researches as well as PhD students and Post-Docs and will promote exchange of information within our inter-disciplinary field. The lectures will be complemented by a high level scientific counterpart of the program. Main axes of the Program:

1. New materials, structures, phases.
2. Pinning and sliding plastic flows glassy states.
3. Charge ordering, ferroelectricity and stripes.
4. Charge- and Spin- Density Waves.
5. Space- and time- resolved probes, STM.
6. Electronic spectra: ARPES, optics.
7. Mesoscopic and nano structures, tunneling.
8. High magnetic fields and spin effects.
9. Electronic solids at interfaces, the Supersolid.
10. Charges in soft- and bio-matters.