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1 week:
G. Aeppli (UK) Order and disorder in the atomic and electronic structure of manganites
S. Borisenko (Germany)ARPES on density waves compounds.
T. Giamarchi (Switzerland))Pinning and sliding of domain walls.
Yu. Latyshev (Russia)Coherent transport in NbSe3 and graphite nanostructures
J.-P.Pouget (France)Bond and charge orderings in low dimensional organic conductors
2 week.
A. Bouzdin (France)Non-uniform (FFLO) states and quantum oscillations in superconductors and superfluid ultracold Fermi gas
P. Chaikin (USA)Particle Fractionalization and Pleats! Point Defects and Topological Defects on Wigner Crystals on Curved Surfaces
H. Fukuyama (Japan))Dirac electrons in solids
T.Takahashi (Japan)Charge Fluctuations, Charge Ordering and Zero-gap State in Molecular Conductors
J. Tranquada (USA)Stripes and Superconductivity in Cuprates
J.-M. Triscone (Switzerland))New phenomena at oxide interfaces.