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Structural resolution of inorganic nanotubes with complex stoichiometry
G. Monet, M. S. Amara, S. Rouzière, E. Paineau, Z. Chai, J. D. Elliott, E. Poli, M.-L. Liu, G. Teobaldi and P. Launois
Nature Comm. 9, 2033 (2018)

Unravelling the hydration mechanism in a multi-layered graphene oxide paper by in-situ X-ray scattering
S. Rouzière, P. Launois, A. M. Benito, W. K. Maser and E. Paineau
Carbon 137, 279-283 (2018)


Effect of ionic strenght on the bundling of metal oxide nanotubes
E. Paineau, M. S. Amara, G. Monet, V. Peyre, S. Rouzière and P. Launois
J. Phys. Chem. C 121 (39), 21740–21749 (2017)

Conductive Graphene Coatings Synthesized from Graphenide Solutions
Y. Wang, K. Huang, A. Derré, P. Puech, S. Rouzière, P. Launois, C. Castro, M. Monthioux and A. Pénicaud,
Carbon, Volume 121, 217-225 (2017)

Intercalated water in multi-layered graphene oxide paper : an X-ray scattering study,
S. Rouzière, J. D. Núñez, E. Paineau, A. M. Benito, W. K. Maser and P. Launois,
J. Appl. Cryst. 50, 876-884 (2017)

Graphene oxide–carbon nanotube hybrid assemblies : cooperatively strengthened OH⋯O=C hydrogen bonds and the removal of chemisorbed water,
J. D. Núñez, A. M. Benito, S. Rouzière, P. Launois, R. Arenal, P. M. Ajayan and W. K. Maser,
Chem. Sci., 2017,8, 4987-4995


Water in carbon nanotubes : the peculiar hydrogen bond network revealed by infra-red spectroscopy,
S. Dalla Bernardina, E. Paineau, J.-B. Brubach, P. Judeinstein, S. Rouzière, P. Launois and P. Roy,
JACS 138, 10437 ; DOI : 10.1021/jacs.6b02635

A liquid-crystalline hexagonal columnar phase in highly-dilute suspensions of imogolite nanotubes,
E. Paineau, M.-E. M. Krapf, M. S. Amara, N.V. Matskova, I. Dozov, S. Rouzière, A. Thill, P. Launois and P. Davidson,
Nature Comm. 7:10271 ; DOI : 10.1038/ncomms10271

MOMAC : a SAXS/WAXS laboratory instrument dedicated to nanomaterials,
O. Taché, S. Rouzière, P. Joly, M. Amara, B. Fleury, A. Thill, P. Launois, O. Spalla and B. Abécassis,
J. Appl. Cryst. 49, 1924-1631 (2016) ;


Hybrid, Tunable−Diameter, Metal Oxide Nanotubes for Trapping of Organic Molecules,
M. S. Amara, E. Paineau, S. Rouzière, B. Guiose, M.−E. M. Krapf, O. Taché, P. Launois and A. Thill,
Chemistry of Materials, 27, 1488 (2015)

In situ time resolved wide angle X−Ray diffraction study of nanotube carpet growth : nature of catalyst particles and progressive nanotube alignment,
P. Landois, M. Pinault, S. Rouzière, D. Porterat, C. Mocuta, E. Elkaïm, M. Mayne and P. Launois,
Carbon 87, 246 (2015)


Hexagonalization of alumino−germanate imogolite nanotubes organized into closed−packed bundles,
M.S. Amara, S. Rouzière, E. Paineau, M. Bacia−Verloop, A. Thill and P. Launois,
J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 9299 (2014)

Structure in nascent carbon nanotubes revealed by spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy,
P. Landois, M. Pinault, M. Huard, V. Reita, S. Rouzière, P. Launois, M. Mayne−L’Hermite and N. Bendiab,
Thin Solid Films, Elsevier, 568, 102 (2014)

Vertically aligned carbon nanotube-based composite : Elaboration and monitoring of the nanotubes alignment,
M. Huard, F. Roussel, S. Rouzière, S. Patel, M. Pinault, M. Mayne-L’Hermite and P. Launois,
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 131, 39730 (2014)


Single-step formation of micron long (OH)_3Al_2O_3Ge(OH) imogolite-like nanotubes,
M.S. Amara, E. Paineau, M. Bacia-Verloop, M.E.M. Krapf, P. Davidson, L. Belloni, C. Levard, J. Rose, P. Launois and A. Thill, Chem. Commun. 49, 11284-11286 (2013)

Intracellular fate of carbon nanotubes inside murine macrophages : pH-dependent detachment of iron catalyst nanoparticles,
C. Bussy, E. Paineau, J. Cambedouzou, N. Brun, C. Mory, B. Fayard, M. Salomé, M. Pinault, M. Huard, E Belade, L. Armand, J. Boczkowski, P. Launois and S. Lanone,
Particule and Fibre Toxicology 10, 24 (2013)

In situ X-ray diffraction observation of two-step fullerene coalescence in carbon peapods,
C. Bousige, S. Rols, E. Paineau, S. Rouzière, C. Mocuta, H. Kataura and P. Launois,
Europhysics Letters 103, 66002 (2013)

Anomalous thermal expansion of γ-iron nanocrystals inside multiwalled carbon nanotubes,
J. Cambedouzou, P. Landois, S. Rouzière, M. Pinault, C. Mocuta, L. Hennet, D. Thiaudière, M. Mayne-L’Hermite, and P. Launois,
Phys. Rev. B 88, 081402 (2013)

X-ray Scattering Determination of the Structure of Water during Carbon Nanotube Filling,
E. Paineau, P.-A. Albouy, S. Rouzière, A. Orecchini, S. Rols and P. Launois,
Nano Letters 13, 1751-1756 (2013)

1D-confinement of polyiodides inside single-wall carbon nanotubes,
M. Chorro, G. Kane, L. Alvarez, J. Cambedouzou, E. Paineau, A. Rossberg, M. Kociak, R. Aznar, S. Pascarelli, P. Launois and J. L. Bantignies,
Carbon 52, 100-108 (2013)


Critical role of surface chemical modifications induced by length shortening on multi-walled carbon nanotubes-induced toxicity,
C. Bussy, M. Pinault, J. Cambedouzou, M. J. Landry, P. Jegou, M. Mayne-L’hermite, P. Launois, J. Boczkowski and S. Lanone,
Particule and Fibre Toxicology 9, 46 (2012)

Unravelling low-lying phonons and vibrations of carbon nanostructures : inelastic and quasi-elastic neutron scattering,
S. Rols, C. Bousige, J. Cambedouzou, P. Launois, J.-L. Sauvajol, H. Schober, V.N. Agafonov, V.A. Davydov, J. Ollivier and A. Ivanov,
European Physical Journal Special Topics, 213, 96-102 (2012)

Progressive melting in confined one-dimensional C60 chains,
C. Bousige, S. Rols, E. Paineau, S. Rouzière, C. Mocuta, B. Verberck, J. P. Wright, H. Kataura, and P. Launois,
Phys. Rev. B 86, 045446 (2012)

Synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiment with a prototype hybrid pixel detector,
C. Le Bourlot, P. Landois, S. Djaziri, P.-O. Renault, E. Le Bourhis, P. Goudeau, M. Pinault, M. Mayne-L’Hermite, B. Bacroix, D. Faurie, O. Castelnau, P. Launois and S. Rouzière,
J. Appl. Cryst. 45, 38-47 (2012)


A Monte-Carlo study of C70 molecular motion in C70@SWCNT peapods,
B. Verberck, J. Cambedouzou, G.A. Vliegenthart, G. Gompper, P. Launois, Carbon 49 2007-2021 (2011).


Transformation of C70 peapods into double walled carbon nanotubes,
P. Launois, M. Chorro, B. Verberck, P.-A. Albouy, S. Rouzière, D. Colson, A. Forget, L. Noé, H. Kataura, M. Monthioux and J. Cambedouzou, Carbon 48 89-98 (2010).

Lattice dynamics of a rotor-stator molecular crystal : Fullerene-cubane C60 center dot C(8)H(8), C. Bousige, S. Rols, J. Cambedouzou, B. Verberck, S. Pekker, K. Eva, D. Gabor, J. Istvan, E. Pellegrini and P. Launois, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 82 195413 (2010).

Mechanistic investigations of single-walled carbon nanotube synthesis by ferrocene vapor decomposition in carbon monoxide, A.S. Anisimov, A.G. Nasibulin , H. Jiang, P. Launois, J. Cambedouzou, S.D. Shandakov, E.I. Kauppinen, CARBON 48 380-388 (2010).


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