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I will introduce our recent results on the superconducting pairing symmetries [1-4] and normal-state transport properties [5] in the recently discovered Fe-pnictide high temperature superconductors. The magnetic penetration depth [1,3] and lower critical field measurements [2] consistently show the fully gapped superconducting state in Fe-arsenides PrAsFeO_1-y and (Ba,K)Fe2As2. In contrast, the phosphide LaFePO with lower Tc (=7 K) is found to have nodes by thermal conductivity measurements, which is consistent with the recent penetration depth measurements [6,7]. These results point to the unconventional superconducting symmetries which have nearly degenerated two channels for the leading pairing instability. The normal state transport properties measured in high-quality single crystals of BaFe2(As,P)2 reveal that the striking T-linear resistivity and strongly temperature dependent Hall coefficient near the boundary of spin density wave and superconductivity phases. Such a non-Fermi liquid properties seem to be generic to the correlated electron systems in the presence of anti-ferromagnetic spin fluctuations, which may act as glues for Cooper pairing in unconventional superconductors.


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