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Significant experimental advances over the past ten years have provided beautiful and convincing evidence for the existence of a sharp metal-insulator transition (MIT) in the two-dimensional 2D electron gases (2DEG). The best evidence for a sharp MIT is found in the cleanest samples, suggesting that key experimental features can all be understood by deliberately disregarding disorder, and focusing on interaction effects alone : viewing the quantum melting of a Wigner crystal as the fundamental mechanism for the MIT in a sufficiently clean 2DEG. A theory [1,2] describing this phenomenon will be presented, which provides a natural explanation of several puzzling experimental features, including the large effective mass enhancement, the large resistivity drop on the metallic side, and the giant magneto-resistance in presence of a parallel magnetic field.

[1] S. Pankov and V. Dobrosavljevic, Phys. Rev. B 77, 085104 (2008) ; Physica B 403, 1440 (2008). [2] Camjayi, A. ; Haule, K. ; Dobrosavljevic, V. and Kotliar, Nature Physics, 4, 932 (2008).

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