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Anniina Salonen

Laboratoire de Physique des Solides
CNRS et Université Paris-Sud

Dispersions of lipid-based liquid-crystalline structures into sub-micron sized particles (cubosomes, hexosomes and emulsified micro-emulsions) in the presence of a stabilizer have been actively studied, especially in view of exploiting their properties for the controlled release of active molecules. The stabilization is generally achieved with the use of polymers, however the interaction between the polymer chains and the dispersed structure can become disruptive. As an alternative the dispersion of lyotropic liquid-crystalline structures using colloidal stabilizers is introduced, where the characterization is carried out using SAXS and DLS. The ability of Laponite, a synthetic clay, to stabilize a variety of liquid-crystalline structures is presented. As a comparison spherical nanoparticles of a similar size, Ludox TM, are also used in the preparation and some of the differences arising from the stabilizer particle morphology as well as dispersed phase structure are discussed. The possibility of using colloidal stabilizers increases the potential for further functionalization of these emulsions.