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The existence of strong correlations between electrons induces novel and unexpected states in solids, such as high temperature superconductivity, charge or spin orderings, quantum hall effects or spin liquids. A central activity in Laboratoire de Physique des Solides is devoted to studies of these novel states, both from an experimental and a theoretical point of vue.

Persons working on the topic

a magnet in levitation above a superconductor

frustrated spins exhibiting a zero energy mode

a one-dimensional molecular conductor

Scientific Teams:
- rubrique 246
- Molecular conductors and high pressures
- Emplois d’enseignants-chercheurs
- Novel electronic states: NMR, MuSR and photoemission
- Artificial structures and self-organisation
- Superconductivity
- Theory 1
- Theory 2

Research topics:
- low dimension conductors
- superconductivity
- spin liquids and geometric frustration
- strongly correlated fermions
- charge and spin orders
- Quantum Hall effects
- ultra-cold atomic gaz
- Kondo effect and heavy fermions
- nonvolatile memories