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In the "complex fluids" topic, our studies concern rheological structural and thermodynamical properties of various complex fluids. Several studies deal with confined complex fluids. This is the case of liquid films and foams (the latter being made of many films connected together), and also of the faceted surface of monodomains so-called "soft crystals" (either lyotropic or thermotropic liquid crystals). Other studies concern mixtures of different complex fluids, or of complex fluids and minerals. For instance, we study mixtures of surfactants and polymers or polyelectrolytes. Besides, the rich phase diagrams of complex fluids are used to create novel materials: synthesis and characterization of mesoporous materials, or of metallic nanoparticles inside lyotropic mesophases. We also try to use the anisotropy of mesophases for aligning carbon nanotubes inside aligned mesophases. Mineral liquid crystals also studied because their mesophases have amazing properties; in particular, we study the relation between the alignment properties of these mesophases and their rheological properties.

Liquid crystal texture observed using a polarizing microscope.

Numerical simulation of a system of colloidal particles under uniform stress.
Left: position of particles.
Right: stress map (red colour corresponding to higher compression).

L1 inclusion in a Pn3m phase.

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Research topics:
- Mixtures of polymers and tensioactive
- Faceting of liquid crystal surfaces
- Mesoporous materials
- Mineral liquid crystals
- Soap films
- Flow of confined liquids
- Foams in microgravity
- Mechanics and flow of threshold fluids