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In the "physics biology interface", our studies are centered on cellular or extracellular systems, which share the common properties of dense and organized materials, in which intra- and inter-molecular interactions play an important role. These two systems are submitted to dynamical and structural transitions, and their physical and physico-chemical properties raise common problems. Two main themes are studied : "biological fibers and tissues" on one hand, "genetic material, DNA and chromatin" on the other hand.

Our studies are both experimental (using techniques of biochemistry, electronic microscopy, osmometry, X-rays..) and numerical.

Hexagonal columnar phase of nucleosomes, observed with a polarizing microscope (115x171µm²).

Model of the architecture of an intermediate filament.

Inverse hexagonal phases.

Scientific teams:
- rubrique 102
- rubrique 93
- rubrique 174

Research topics:
- Fibers and biological
- Intermediate filaments
- Amyloïd fibers
- Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles in mesophases
- Chitin
- Biomineralization
- Chromatin