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In the "polymers" topic, the global aim of our research is to understand better the microscopic mechanisms which are responsible for original mechanical properties of the systems including polymers. This concerns the study of the glass transition’s neighbourhood either in the bulk or in thin films, the crystallisation of elastomers under stress, and nanostructured composite materials.

Our activity includes theory, numerical simulations and experiments, either made here or with external collaboration, with both academic and industrial groups.

Tensile stress device, used to study the crystallization of elastomers under stress.

Numerical simulation of a tear in an elastomer strengthened by solid particles.

Atomic force microscopy image of an elastomer loaded with silica particles.

More detailed scientific topics:
- Glassy transition in polymers
- Charged elastomers
- Tear propagation in elastomers
- Crystallization in polymers
- Copolymers
- Mixtures of polymers and surfactants

Teams concerned by this topic:
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