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Systems with reduced dimensions are studied from the point of view of optical properties (photonic gap structures), thermodynamic properties (response of a two-dimensional electron gas at insulator surfaces), or structural properties (nanostructuration, self organisation). The probes in use are beams of charged particles: a focused ion beam may be used for drilling holes in nanomaterials, and a low-energy electron beam may be used as a probe for evidencing charge oscillations at surfaces, thermally activated.

Other activities of our team concern magnetic properties of organic superconductors (relationship between the granular-like superconductivity of these materials and the glassy transition, induced by the disorder), as well as thin films and sensors.

Research topics

- surfaces, nanostructures
- photonic crystals
- organic conductors
- self-organization
- thermodynamic properties
- thin films


- low-energy electron diffraction
- oscillating LEED, TOLEED
- focused ion beam
- ultra-high vacuum
- sputtering