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This tool allows to control in real time a Scanning Tunneling Microscope Electronics. You can do Scanning_tunneling_spectroscopy too. This tool owns a Field-programmable gate array running at 48MHz and is connected to a computer by USB for monitoring and viewing management. This chip can manage piezoelectric materials for sweeping, control Stick-slip for high mouvements of the tip, or do digital regulation of the tip.

Schematics (in french)


- 5 bipolar channels +/-150V to drive piezoelectric materials : +/- 1mV of noise, BandWidth 25Khz

- 1 bipolar channel +/-300mV to supply sample, opportunity to add an external supply for the tunneling spectroscopy

- Numerical management of 6 channels : 16bits, 6MSPS [1] on each channel

- A low noise amplifier for the tunneling current with high choise of gains (BandWidth between 1.5Khz and 10Khz )

- Analog input to digitalize the tunneling current : 12 bits, 25MSPS

- Digital inputs for external triggers


- XP Driver
- A plugin for Gatan, LabView and Visual-Basic with the standard functions, developped and updated by Marcel Tencé

Contact: Lopez Colin

[1] Mega Samples per Second