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Quantum Coherence

The electronic properties of metallic samples of size less than the phase coherence length (below this length the electronic phase stays well defined) are modified due to electronic interference. These effects are revealed in a magnetic flux, in particular for a ring geometry. We thus study the properties of disconnected coherent rings and networks.



Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes (cylindrical carbon structures) are model systems for electronic transport in one dimension. Strong electronic correlations and non-Fermi liquid behaviour at low temperature are then expected. We study the electronic transport of these systems.



Electronic properties of DNA

As with the carbon nanotubes, DNA molecules are potentially good systems to study electronic transport in one dimension. We measure the low temperature transport properties of DNA molecules.



High-frequency current fluctuations

Current fluctuations, or noise, are a powerful probe of properties that cannot be seen in conductance measurements (effective charge, correlation). We study experimentally these fluctuations at frequencies (1-100 Ghz) of the order of inverse caracteristic times or energy scales of mesoscopic systems.