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Inorganic Colloïds, hybrids and crystals


Significants facts


Repulsion between inorganic particles inserted within surfactant bilayers: Probing the interaction between membrane inclusions.

Doru Constantin, Brigitte Pansu, Marianne Impéror, Patrick Davidson, and François Ribot

Physical Review Letters 101, 098101 (2008)


The liquid-crystalline properties of suspensions of nontronite clays

Laurent J. Michot, Isabelle Bihannic, Solange Maddi, Sérgio S. Funari, Christophe Baravian, Pierre Levitz, Patrick Davidson.

PNAS 2006, vol 103, 16101


Metallic nanoparticles synthesis within self-organized surfactant systems

R. Krishnaswamy (post-doc), B. Pansu , M. Impéror, C. Even, P. Davidson En collaboration avec Hynd Remita (Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, Orsay)

Chem.Phys.Chem, 7, 1510-1513(2006)