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The theory group in the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides (LPS) Orsay, University Paris-Sud ( 30km from Paris), announces the opening of a two-year postdoctoral position in condensed matter theory with particular focus on the study of the physics of graphene. The starting date is previewed for Fall 2010 (though earlier dates are also possible).


The succesfull candidate will focus on the analytical and numerical exploration of fundamental quantities arising in spectroscopy (STM) and transport experiments in graphene (such as the local density of states and the conductance) and how they are affected by disorder, electronic interactions, magnetic fields, finite size (in particular in nanoribbons), and interactions with the substrate. Another subject to be pursued is the physics of Dirac points, their stability and their motion in deformed graphene and related systems such as cold atoms or organic salts.


The research environment in LPS is particularly stimulating ; the permanent scientists involved in the project are Cristina Bena, Gilles Montambaux, Mark Goerbig, Jean-Noel Fuchs, and Frederic Piechon. The postdoc will benefit from interactions inside the theory group, as well as from interactions with experimental groups in the Orsay and Paris area that focus on graphene, such as the group of Helene Bouchiat at LPS Orsay and that of Christian Glattli at CEA Saclay.

This funding is provided by the ANR (the French National Research Agency) for a project hosted by CEA Grenoble, and collaborations with theorists and experimentalists from the CEA and the Institute Neel in Grenoble such as Stephan Roche and Laurence Magaud are also envisioned.


More information about the LPS theory group can be found at :

The applications will be considered untill the position is filled. Applicants are invited to submit a CV and a statement of research interests (preferably before January 1st 2010), and to arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent electronically to Cristina Bena :