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POST-DOCTORAL POSITION (2 years, funded by the French National Research Agency)


Location : Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay (France)


The goal of the project is to explore finite frequency, out of equilibrium quantum transport in hybrid nano-structures. This includes de dynamics of the spin of electrons in a normal metal or a superconductor in contact with a ferromagnet (NF or SF structure), and that of superconducting correlations in a normal metal in proximity with a superconductor (NS structure). We have all the necessary facilities for nanofabrication and microwave measurements in a cryogenic environment. We require a background in mesoscopic physics and/or spintronics. We would greatly appreciate knowledge and experience in high frequency measurements, low temperature physics (including dc transport) and nanofabrication (electron lithography, thin film evaporation).

Contact : Bertrand Reulet (, Marco Aprili (