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Classically, non-magnetic materials exposed to the EM-radiation at high frequencies exhibit non-zero static magnetization due to the Inverse Faraday Effect (IFE). In small samples the effect is much stronger in magnitude than classically expected, but has a random sign. One way of measuring IFE is an electronic transport experiment in a multi-terminal set-up. As a generic example, we consider IFE in mesoscopic chaotic dots and find a typical magnetization generated by AC voltages in the conducting leads. We compare our results with the recent experiment by Chepelianskii and Bouchiat. Finally implications for dynamical transport in SNS junctions will be dicussed briefly.


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Mikhail Polianski est un théoricien qui travaille sur des effets dynamiques dans des échantillons mésoscopiques ou des structures hybrides.

Il est en visite au groupe de physique mésoscopique du 20 au 23 janvier.