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The discovery of superconductivity in LaFeAsO1-xFx has stimulated the research activity on new high temperature superconductors [1]. Rare-earth element substitutions for La have boosted Tc up to 55 K [2]. To date, four kinds of iron-containing layered superconductors have been identified [1,3-5]. I will report physical properties of RFeAsO1-xFx (R = La, Sm Nd), Ba(Fe,Co)2As2, and Fe(Se,Te) systems. In RFeAsO1-xFx polycrystals, magneto-optical characterizations of intra- and inter-grain critical current densities (Jc) have revealed large contrast in the two Jc’s [6]. We have succeeded in growing high quality single crystals of the latter two systems. Magneto-optical imagings in optimally doped Ba(Fe,Co)2As2 have clarified rather homogeneous distribution of Jc [7]. In addition to these layered compounds, characteristics of other Fe-containing superconducting compounds R2Fe3Si5 (R = Lu and Sc) will also be reported. Specific heat measurements clearly show the presence of two distinct gaps in these compounds [8], indicating that R2Fe3Si5 are two-gap superconductors like MgB2.


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