Eric Akkermans and Gilles Montambaux errata and misprints

Cambridge University Press, 2007



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Quantum mesoscopic physics covers a whole class in interference effects related to the propagation of waves in complex and random media. These effects are ubiquitous in physics, from the behaviour of electrons in metals and semiconductors to the propagation of electromagnetic waves in suspensions such as colloids, and quantum systems like cold atomic gases. A solid introduction to quantum mesoscopic physics, this book is a modern account of the problem of coherent wave propagation in random media. It provides a unified account of the basic theoretical tools and methods, highlighting the common aspects of the various optical and electronic phenomena involved and presenting a large number of experimental results. With over 200 figures, and exercises throughout, the book is ideal for graduate students in physics, electrical engineering, applied physics, acoustics and astrophysics. It will also be an interesting reference for researchers in this rapidly evolving field.

Presents a large number of experimental results to give readers a broad overview of the field

Self-contained, with all elementary presentations of the necessary basic theories in quantum mechanics and scattering theory

Contains exercises throughout the book to help readers understand the concepts


1. Introduction: mesoscopic physics; 2. Wave equations in random media; 3. Perturbation theory; 4. Probability of quantum diffusion; 5. Properties of the diffusion equation; 6. Dephasing; 7. Electronic transport; 8. Coherent backscattering of light; 9. Diffusing wave spectroscopy; 10. Spectral properties of disordered metals; 11. Universal conductance fluctuations; 12. Correlations of speckle patterns; 13. Interactions and diffusion; 14. Orbital magnetism and persistent currents; 15. Formulary; Index.


' the type of book from which one can learn the subject even without a teacher.' Carlo Beenakker, Leiden University

' highly recommended to both opticians and researchers interested in nanoelectronic devices. Applications to cold-atom and BEC systems can also be visualized.' Joe Imry, Weizmann Institute of Science

' unique in equipping the reader with a powerful, complete, and yet very intuitive, diagrammatic tool box for computing all quantities of interest for mesoscopic physics problems dealing with diffusive, weakly-interacting particles.' Michel Devoret, Yale University

' probably the most extensive effort thus far to provide an introduction and overview of wave transmission through objects with many scattering centers.' Markus Buttiker, University of Geneva

'Invaluable to anybody already working in the field, but also highly recommended for newcomers.' Ad Lagendijk, University professor Amsterdam

Eric Akkermans
Gilles Montambaux