Gilles Montambaux


A few lecture notes


 "Coherence and interactions in diffusive systems", Allahabad (2008)

Lecture 1 : Introduction

Lecture 2 : Weak-localization and diffusion equation

Lecture 3 : Universal conductance fluctuations and optical speckles

Lecture 4 : Coherence and interactions


"Quantum transport in disordered conductors", Ecole de Physique Mésoscopique (Cargèse 2012)

Most of the slides are in English

Lecture 1 : Generalities

Lecture 2 : Diffusion and weak-localization

Lecture 3 : Weak-localization, coherent backscattering, universal conductance fluctuations

Lecture 4 : Conductance fluctuations, weak-antilocalization, magnetic impurities, dephasing, e-e interactions


“Some aspects of graphene physics”

Lectures 1-2 : Generalities, transport, Klein tunnelling

Lectures 3-4 : Klein tunnelling, quantum Hall effect, graphene bilayer, nanoribbons


Hofstadter spectrum

Anatomy of the Hofstadter Butterfly,  tutorial and informal


A few seminars


Artificial graphenes and manipulation of Dirac points, Zurich 2014


Probing physics of Dirac cones by Landau-Zener interferometry, Izmir 2014


Orbital Susceptibility of massless fermions, Paris 2013


Dirac points, from graphene to cold atoms, Tachkent 2012


Life and death of Dirac points in two-dimensional crystals,  Cargèse 2009


Quantum transport and Aharonov-Bohm effect in diffusive networks


Interférences quantiques dans les systèmes désordonnés, Collège de France 2008-10-23


Electron-electron interaction correction to the conductivity of metallic networks, Dresden 2008


Mesoscopic NS rings :  from persistent current to Josephson current                      


Phase coherence and diffusion of electrons and photons :  a simple picture


Electron-electron interaction and decoherence in metallic wires