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  • Maes J, Castro N, De Nolf K, Walravens W, Abécassis B, Hens Z. Size and Concentration Determination of Colloidal Nanocrystals by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering. Chemistry of Materials. 2018;30(12):3952-3962.

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  • Nguyen VS, Mai VH, Auban Senzier P, et al. Direct Evidence of Lithium Ion Migration in Resistive Switching of Lithium Cobalt Oxide Nanobatteries. Small. 2018;14(24):1801038.

  • Paineau E. Imogolite Nanotubes: A Flexible Nanoplatform with Multipurpose Applications. Applied Sciences. 2018;8(10):1921.

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  • Piot M, Abécassis B, Brouri D, Troufflard C, Proust A, Izzet G. Control of the hierarchical self-assembly of polyoxometalate-based metallomacrocycles by redox trigger and solvent composition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2018;115(36):8895-8900.

  • Pouget J-P, Alemany P, Canadell E. Donor–anion interactions in quarter-filled low-dimensional organic conductors. Materials Horizons. 2018;5(4):590-640.

  • Reznikov M, Andrienko D, Boychuk VN, et al. Recollections of Professor Yuriy Reznikov. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2018;267:11-28.

  • Rosa Nunes D, Raynal M, Isare B, Albouy P-A, Bouteiller L. Organogel formation rationalized by Hansen solubility parameters: improved methodology. Soft Matter. 2018;14(23):4805-4809.

  • Rouzière S, Launois P, Benito AM, Maser WK, Paineau E. Unravelling the hydration mechanism in a multi-layered graphene oxide paper by in-situ X-ray scattering. Carbon. 2018;137:379-383.

  • Sibeaud M, De Paz-Simon H, Croutxé-Barghorn C, et al. Scaling-up of mesoporous silica films via an eco-efficient UV processing method. Part 1: Photoinduced mesostructuration. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. 2018;257:42-50.

  • Yahia G, Damay F, Chattopadhyay S, et al. Experimental evidence for the microscopic mechanism of the unusual spin-induced electric polarization in GdMn 2 O 5. Physical Review B. 2018;97(8):085128.

  • Yamaguchi N, Anraku S, Paineau E, et al. Swelling Inhibition of Liquid Crystalline Colloidal Montmorillonite and Beidellite Clays by DNA. Scientific Reports. 2018;8(1):4367.

  • Yu X, Chen H, Shi X, et al. Liquid crystal gelators with photo-responsive and AIE properties. Materials Chemistry Frontiers. 2018;2(12):2245-2253.


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  • Berrod Q, Ferdeghini F, Zanotti J-M, et al. Ionic Liquids: evidence of the viscosity scale-dependence. Scientific Reports. 2017;7(1):2241.

  • Brand HR, Pieranski P. Obituary of Patricia Elisabeth Cladis Personal recollections of Helmut Brand and Pawel Pieranski. Liquid Crystals Today. 2017;26(4):76–84.

  • Chattopadhyay S, Petit S, Ressouche E, et al. 3d-4f coupling and multiferroicity in frustrated Cairo Pentagonal oxide DyMn2O5. Scientific Reports. 2017;7(1):14506.

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  • Ilakovac V, Carniato S, Foury-Leylekian P, et al. Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering probes the electron-phonon coupling in the spin liquid κ -(BEDT-TTF) 2 Cu 2 ( CN ) 3. Physical Review B. 2017;96(18):184303.

  • Jana S, de Frutos M, Davidson P, Abécassis B. Ligand-induced twisting of nanoplatelets and their self-assembly into chiral ribbons. Science Advances. 2017;3(9):e1701483.

  • Judeinstein P, Ferdeghini F, Oliveira-Silva R, Zanotti J-M, Sakellariou D. Low-field single-sided NMR for one-shot 1D-mapping: Application to membranes. Journal of Magnetic Resonance. 277:25-29.

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  • Moulin R, Fornasieri G, Impéror-Clerc M, Rivière E, Beaunier P, Bleuzen A. Macroscopic Magnetic Anisotropy Induced by the Combined Control of Size, Shape and Organization of NiFe Prussian Blue Analog Nanoparticles in an Ordered Mesoporous Silica Monolith. ChemNanoMat. 2017;3(11):833-840.

  • Nastishin Y, Dudok T, Hrabchak V, et al. Lasing in a hybrid-aligned cholesteric. Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics. 2017;18(3):121.

  • Nastyshyn SY, Bolesta IM, Lychkovskyy E, et al. Ray tracing matrix approach for refractive index mismatch aberrations in confocal microscopy. Applied Optics. 56(9):2467.

  • Núñez JD, Benito AM, Rouzière S, et al. Graphene oxide–carbon nanotube hybrid assemblies: cooperatively strengthened OH⋯OC hydrogen bonds and the removal of chemisorbed water. Chem. Sci. 2017;8(7):4987–4995.

  • Paineau E, Amara MS, Monet G, Peyre V, Rouzière S, Launois P. Effect of Ionic Strength on the Bundling of Metal Oxide Imogolite Nanotubes. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2017;121(39):21740-21749.

  • Pansu B, Sadoc J-F. Metallurgy of soft spheres with hard core: From BCC to Frank-Kasper phases. The European Physical Journal E. 2017;40(11):102.

  • Paul E, Franco-Montoya M-L, Paineau E, et al. Pulmonary exposure to metallic nanomaterials during pregnancy irreversibly impairs lung development of the offspring. Nanotoxicology. 2017;11(4):484–495.

  • Peng W, Balédent V, Chattopadhyay S, et al. Toward pressure-induced multiferroicity in PrMn 2 O 5. Physical Review B. 2017;96(5).

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  • Pouget J-P, Foury-Leylekian P, Almeida M. Peierls and Spin-Peierls Instabilities in the Per2[M(mnt)2] Series of One-Dimensional Organic Conductors; Experimental Realization of a 1D Kondo Lattice for M = Pd, Ni and Pt. Magnetochemistry. 3(1):13.

  • Pouget J-P, Foury-Leylekian P, Petit S, Hennion B, Coulon C, Bourbonnais C. Inelastic neutron scattering investigation of magnetostructural excitations in the spin-Peierls organic system ( TMTTF ) 2 P F 6. Physical Review B. 2017;96(3):035127.

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  • Rouzière S, Núñez JD, Paineau E, Benito AM, Maser WK, Launois P. Intercalated water in multi-layered graphene oxide paper: an X-ray scattering study. Journal of Applied Crystallography. 2017;50(3):876–884.

  • Stojchevska L, Borovšak M, Foury-Leylekian P, Pouget J-P, Mertelj T, Mihailovic D. Evolution of coherent collective modes through consecutive charge-density-wave transitions in the ( PO 2 ) 4 ( WO 3 ) 12 monophosphate tungsten bronze. Physical Review B. 2017;96(3):035429.

  • Trindade AC, Almeida APC, Canejo JP, Patrício P, Pieranski P, Godinho MH. Elastomeric patterns probed by a nematic liquid crystal. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals. 2017;657(1):136-146.

  • Wang Y, Huang K, Derré A, et al. Conductive graphene coatings synthesized from graphenide solutions. Carbon. 2017;121:217-225.

  • Yahia G, Damay F, Chattopadhyay S, et al. Recognition of exchange striction as the origin of magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics. Physical Review B. 2017;95(18):184112.

  • Zhang L, Tian L, Du H, Rouzière S, Wang N, Salonen A. Foams Stabilized by Surfactant Precipitates: Criteria for Ultrastability. Langmuir. 2017;33(29):7305-7311. Available at: Consulté décembre 12, 2017.

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