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Publications 2008

  • A geometrical template for toroidal aggregates of chiral macromolecules, J. Charvolin, J. F. Sadoc - Eur. Phys. J. E 25 335 (2008)
  • Au-Fe system : application in electro-catalysis, M. Mirdamadi-Esfahani, M. Mostafavi, B. Keita, L. Nadjo, P. Kooyman, A. Etcheberry, M. Imperor-Clerc, H. Remita - Gold Bull. 41 98-104 (2008)
  • Azobenzene-containing liquid crystal triblock copolymer : synthesis , characterization, and self-assembly behaviour, W. Deng, P. A. Albouy, E. Lacaze, P. Keller, X. G. Wang, M. H. Li - Macromolecules 41 2459-2446 (2008)
  • Charge transfer at the metal-insulator transition in V2O3 thin films by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering C. F. Hague, J.-M. Mariot, V. Ilakovac, R. Delaunay, M. Marsi, M. Sacchi, J.-P. Rueff and W. Felsch - Phys. Rev. B 77, 045132 (2008)
  • Carbon nanotubes in macrophages : Imaging and chemical analysis by X-ray fluorescence microscopy C. Bussy, J. Cambedouzou, S. Lanone, E. Leccia, V. Heresanu, M. Pinault, M. Mayne-l’Hermite, N. Brun, C. Mory, M. Cotte, J. Doucet, J. Boczkowski and P. Launois - Nano Letters 8(9), 2659-2663 (2008) ; DOI : 10.1021/nl800914m
  • Disclination in systems of amphiphilic molecules : Cubic structures, J. Charvolin, J. F. Sadoc - Comptes Rendus Chimie 11 198-206 (2008)
  • Evidence for Lattice effects at the Charge-Ordering Transition in (TMTTF)2X, M. de Souza, P. Foury-Leylekian, A. Moradpour, J.-P. Pouget, and M. Lang Phys. Rev. Lett. 101 216403 (2008). DOI : 10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.216403
  • Fibrillogenesis in dense collagen solutions : A physico-chemical study, F. Gobeaux, G. Mosser, A. Anglo, P. Panine, P. Davidson, M. M. Giraud-Guille, E. Belamie - J. Mol. Biol. 376 1509 (2008)
  • Focused ion beam processing of organic crystal (TMTSF)2PF6 : a combined conducting probe atomic force microscopy and secondary ion mass spectrometry study, K. Wang, O. Schneegans, A. Moradpour, F. Jomard - J. Appl. Phys. 103 013711 (2008)
  • Fullerene-cubane : X-ray scattering experiments and Monte-Carlo simulations B. Verberck, V. Heresanu, S. Rouzière, J. Cambedouzou, P. Launois, E. Kováts, S. Pekker, G. A. Vliegenthart, K.H. Michel and G. Gompper. - Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 16:5, 293-300 (2008)
  • Geometry of proteins : search for internal surfaces, J.F. Sadoc - Biophys. Rev. Lett. 3 1-21 (2008)
  • How the confinement affects the dynamics of C60 in carbon nanopeapods S. Rols, J. Cambedouzou, M. Chorro, H. Schober, V. Agafonov, P. Launois, V. Davydov, A.V. Rakhmanina, H. Kataura, J.-L. Sauvajol. - Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 065507 (2008)
  • Influence of a magnetic field on the nematic phase of hard colloidal platelets, D. Van Der Beek, P. Davidson, H. H. Wensink, G. J. Vroege, H. N. W. Lekkerkerker - Phys. Rev. E 77 031708 (2008)
  • Influence of chemical substitutions on the charge instability of BaVS3, S. Bernu, P. Foury-Leylekian, J. P. Pouget, A. Akrap, H. Berger, L. Forro, G. Popov, M. Greenblatt - Physica B 403 1625 (2008)
  • Initial Stages of SBA-15 synthesis : an overview, Khodakov A. Y., Zholobenko V. L., Imperor-Clerc M., Durand D. - Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 142 67-74 (2008)
  • Intermittent Brownian dynamics over a rigid strand : heavily tailed relocation statistics in a simple geometry P. Levitz, M. Zinsmeister, P. Davidson, D. Constantin, O. Poncelet - Phys. Rev. E, 78, 030102 (2008)
  • Investigation of anisotropic epoxy-amine thermosets synthesised in a magnetic field, L. Pottié, F. Costa-Torro, M. Tessier, P. Davidson, A. Fradet - Liq. Cryst. 35 913-924 (2008)
  • LASERIX : first record from the plant, O. Guilbaud, D. Ros, S. Kazamias, B. Zielbauer, J. Habib, M. Pittman, K. Cassou, F. Ple, M. Farinet, A. Klisnick, F. De Dortan, S. Lacombe, E. Porcel, C. Le Sech, M. A. Du Penhoat, A. Touati, M. Marsi, M. Fajardo, P. Zeitoun, D. Joyeux - (2008)
  • Magnetic dislocation in chromium probed by coherent x-ray diffraction, V.L.R. Jacques, D. Le Bolloc’h, S. Ravy, C. Giles, F. Livet and S. Wilkins - Submitted to EPJB 2008.
  • Magnetic Nanorods Confined in a Lamellar Lyotropic Phase, K. Beneut, D. Constantin, P. Davidson, A. Dessombz, C. Chaneac - Langmuir 24 8205 (2008)
  • Nanocomposite Langmuir-Blodgett films based on crown derivatized platinum nanoparticles : Synthesis, Characterization, and electrical properties, H. Perez, V. Noël, S. Cavaliere-Jaricot, A. Etcheberry, P. A. Albouy - Thin Solid Films 517 755-763 (2008)
  • Observation of correlations in sliding charge-density waves, D. Le Bolloc’h, V. L. R. Jacques, N. Kirova, J. Dumas, S. Ravy, J. Marcus, F. Livet - ESRF Hihglights 76 (2008)
  • Observation of Correlations Up To the Micrometer Scale in Sliding Charge-Density Waves, D. Le Bolloc’h, V. L. Jacques, N. Kirova, J. Dumas, S. Ravy, J. Marcus, and F. Livet - Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 096403 (2008). Editors’ Suggestion PRL June 2008.
  • One pot synthesis of hierarchical porous silica membrane material with dispersed Pt nanoparticles using a microwave-assisted sol-gel route, C. Yacou, M. L. Fontaine, A. Ayral, P. Lacroix-Desmazes, P. A. Albouy, A. Julbe - J. Mater. Chem. 18 4274-4279 (2008)
  • Part II : Stone morphology suggestive of Randall’s plaque, M. Daudon, O. Traxer, P. Junger, D. Bazin (2008)
  • Peculiar Morphology of Stones in Primary Hyperoxaluria, M. Daudon, P. Jungers, D. Bazin - N. Engl. J. Med. 359 100-102 (2008)
  • Photochromic Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Liquid-Crystalline Materials Built from Nonionic Surfactants and Polyoxometalates : Elaboration and Structural Study, A. S. Poulos, D. Constantin, P. Davidson, M. Impéror, B. Pansu, P. Panine, L. Nicole, C. Sanchez - Langmuir 24 6285–6291 (2008)
  • Probing coherently excited optical phonons by extreme ultraviolet radiation with femtosecond time resolution, E. Papalazarou, D. Boschetto, J. Gautier, T. Garl, C. Valentin, G. Rey, Ph. Zeitoun, A. Rousse, Ph. Balcou, and M. Marsi - Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 041114 (2008) Publication selected by the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science, Volume 9, September 2008.
  • Quand le mouvement engendre un nouvel ordre, D. Le Bolloc’h - Plein Sud 71 22 (2008)
  • Quasiparticle evolution and pseudogap formation in V2O3 : an infrared spectroscopy study, L. Baldassarre, A. Perucchi, D. Nicoletti, A. Toschi, G. Sangiovanni, K. Held, M. Capone, M. Ortolani, L. Malavasi, M. Marsi, P. Metcalf, P. Postorino, S. Lupi - Phys. Rev. B 77, 113107 (2008).
  • Repulsion Between Inorganic Particles Inserted Within Surfactant Bilayers, Doru Constantin, Brigitte Pansu, Marianne Impéror, Patrick Davidson, and François Ribot - Physical Review Letters 101, 098101 (2008)
  • SANS study of the mechanisms and kinetics of the synthesis of mesoporous materials from micelles of tri-block copolymers, M. Imperor-Clerc, S. Manet, I. Grillo, D. Durand, A. Y. Khodakov, V. L. Zholobenko - Studies in surface science and catalysis 174 805 (2008)
  • SBA-15 synthesis : Are there lasting effects of temperature change within the first 10 min of TEOS polymerisation ? Brodie-Linder, N., Dosseh G., Alba-Simonesco C., Audonnet F., Impéror-Clerc M. - Material Chemistry and Physic (2008), 108, 73-81.
  • Shape-Controlled Platinum Nanocubes and Their Assembly into Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Superlattices, Demortière A., Launois P., Goubet N. ; Albouy P.-A. ; Petit C. - J. Phys. Chem. B 112 14583-14592 (2008)
  • Sol-gel and isotropic/nematic transitions in aqueous suspensions of natural nontronite clay. Influence of particle anisotropy. Part 1 : Features of the I/N transition, L. J. Michot, I. Bihannic, S. Maddi, C. Baravian, P. Levitz, P. Davidson - Langmuir 24 3127-3139 (2008)
  • Study of the organization and genesis of Randall’s plaques by physical techniques of characterization, X. Carpentier, M. Daudon, D. Bazin, G. André, G. Matzen, E. Veron, E. Foy, S. Mangenot, P. A. Albouy, O. Traxer - Europ. Urol. Supp. 7 150 (2008)
  • The cooling step in MWNT growth by CCVD : revelatory of the nature and physical state of catalytic particles V. Heresanu, C. Castro, J. Cambedouzou, M. Pinault, O. Stephan, C. Reynaud, M. Mayne-L’Hermite and P. Launois. - J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 7371-7378 (2008)
  • Topological defects in bicontinuous phases, P. Pieranski - Europhys. Lett. 81 66001 (2008)
  • Tuning of solid phase in supracrystals made of silver nanocrystals, A. I. Henry, A. Courty, M. P. Pileni, P. A. Albouy, J. Israelachvili - Nano Lett. 8 2000-2005 (2008)
  • Vanadium Oxide-PANI Nanocomposite-Based Macroscopic Fibers : 1D Alcohol Sensors Bearing Enhanced Thoughness J. Dexmer, C.M. Leroy, L. Binet, V. Heresanu, P. Launois, N. Steunou, C. Coulon, J. Maquet, N. Brun, J. Livage, and R. Backov. - Chem. Mater. 20 (17), 5541-5549 (2008)
  • Very first tests on SOLEIL regarding the Zn environment in pathological calcifications made of apatite determined by X-ray absorption spectroscopy, D. Bazin, X. Carpentier, O. Traxer, D. Thiaudière, A. Somogyi, S. Reguer, G. Waychunas, P. Jungers, M. Daudon - J. Synchrotron Radiat. 15 506-509 (2008)
  • X-ray scattering on complex chiral architectures (TGB, smectic blue phases, SmQ...), B. Pansu - XXX 118 (2008)