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Publications 2005

  • A 900°C stable nanocrystalline alumina layers with highly ordered 3D mesoporosity, Kummel M., Grosso D., Boissière C., Smarsly B., Brezesinski T., Albouy P. A., Amenitsch H., Sanchez C. Angewandte Chemie, 117 4665-4668 (2005)
  • Case studies of molecular disorder, S. Ravy, P. Launois, R. Moret and J.-P. Pouget - Z. Kristallogr 220, 1059 (2005) Special issue on “Diffuse Scattering”.
  • Chain orientation in natural rubber, Part I : the inverse yield effect, Albouy P-A., Marchal J. et Rault J.- Eur. Phys. J.E 17 247-259 (2005)
  • Characterisation of the Initial Stages of SBA-15 Synthesis by in situ Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction, Khodakov A. Y., Zholobenko V. L., Imperor-Clerc M., Durand D. - J. Phys. Chem. B 109 22780-22790 (2005)
  • Charge Density Wave Dislocation as Revealed by Coherent X-Ray Diffraction, D. Le Bolloc’h, S. Ravy, J. Dumas, J. Marcus, F. Livet, C. Detlefs, F. Yakhou, and L. Paolasini - Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 116401 (2005). Selected by Highlights ESRF (2005). Fait marquant Cnrs 2005.
  • Coherence effects on Raman scattering from self-organized Ag-nanocrystals in « supra » crystals : Theory, Duval E., Mermet A., Courty A., Albouy P-A. et Pileni M-P. - Phys. Rev. B., 72 (2005) 85439.
  • Differential anomalous X-ray scattering studies of amorphous In-Se, Jablonska A, Burian A, Metzger TH, LeBolloc’h D, Hamilton M, Raoux D - J. Alloys Compounds, 401 41 (2005)
  • Evidence for Mn2+ ions at surfaces of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films, M. P. de Jong, I. Bergenti, V. A. Dediu, M. Fahlman, M. Marsi, C. Taliani - Phys. Rev. B 71 014434 (2005)
  • Evidence for sequential lift in growth of aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes multilayers. M. Pinault, V. Pichot, H. Khodja, P. Launois, C. Reynaud and M. Mayne-L’Hermite. Nano letters 5, 2394-2398 (2005)
  • Geometry, phase stability and electronic properties of isolated selenium chains incorporated in a nanoporous matrix I.L. Li, J.P. Zhai, P. Launois, S.C. Ruan and Z.K. Tang. - J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127, 16111-16119 (2005)
  • Growth of multiwall carbon nanotube during the initial stages of aerosol-assisted CCVD M. Pinault, M. Mayne-L’Hermite, C Reynaud, V. Pichot, P. Launois and D. Ballutaud. - Carbon 43, 2928-2976 (2005)
  • Highly ordered CTAB-templated organosilicate films, Matheron M., Bourgeois A., Brunet-Bruneau A., Albouy P-A., Biteau J., Gacoin T. et Boilot J-P. - J. Mater. Chem., 154741-4745 (6) (2005)
  • Hot drawing : a step further towards the development of single and multiwall carbon nanotube fibers and textile P. Miaudet, S. Badaire, M. Maugey, A. Derré, V. Pichot, P. Launois, P. Poulin and C. Zakri. - Nano letters 5 2212-2215 (2005)
  • Intrinsic vibrational coherence in "supra" crystals of silver nanocrystals : Raman scattering measurements, Courty A., Albouy P-A., Mermet A., Duval E. et Pileni M-P. - J. Phys. Chem., 109 21159 (2005)
  • Multistability in a family of DT–TTF organic radical based compounds (DT–TTF)4[M(L)2]3 (M = Au, Cu ; L = pds, pdt, bdt), Joa˜o C. Dias, Xavi Ribas, Jorge Morgado, Joa˜o Seic¸ Elsa B. Lopes, Isabel C. Santos, Rui T. Henriques, Manuel Almeida, Klaus Wurst,d Pascale Foury-Leylekian, Enric Canadell, Jose´ Vidal-Gancedo, Jaume Vecianab and Concepcio´ Rovira - J. Mater. Chem. 15 3187–3199 (2005)
  • Nanocasting, templated syntheses and structural studies of manganese oxide nanoparticles nucleated in the pores of ordered mesopurous silicas (SBA-15), Escax V., Imperor-Clerc M., Bazin D., Davidson - A. C. R. A. S. Chimie 8 663-677 (2005)
  • Organic spin-ladders from TTF derivatives, X. Ribas, M. Mas-Torrent, A. Perez-Benitez, J. C. Dias, H. Alves, E.B. Lopes, R.T. Henriques, E. Molins, I. Santos, K. Wurst, P. Foury-Leylekian, M. Almeida, J. Veciana, C. Rovira - Adv. Funct. Mater 15 1023-1035 (2005)
  • Preparation of multi-nanocrystalline transition metal oxide (TiO2–NiTiO3) mesoporous thin films, Ortiz de Zárate D., Boissière C., Grosso D., Albouy P-A., Amenitsch H., Amoros P. et Sanchez C., New J. Chem. 1 141-144 (2005)
  • Plane-grating flat-field soft X-ray spectrometer, C.F. Hague, J.H. Underwood, A. Avila, R. Delaunay, H. Ringuenet, M. Marsi and M. Sacchi - Rev. Sci. Instrum. 76 023110 (2005)
  • Structural aspects of the Metal-Insulator transition in BaVS3, S. Fagot, P. Foury-Leylekian, S. Ravy, J.P. Pouget, M. Anne, G. Popov, M.V. Lobanov, M. Greenblatt - Solid State Sciences 7 718-725 (2005).
  • Substrates do influence the ordering of mesoporous thin films, Chougnet A., Heitz C., Søndergard E., Berquier J-M., Albouy P-A. et Klotz M. - J. Mater. Chem., 32 3340-3345 (2005)
  • Vibrational coherence of self-organized siver nanocrystals in f.c.c. supracrystals”, Courty A., Mermet A., Albouy P-A., Duval E. et Pileni M-P. - Nature Mater. 4 395 (2005)
  • X-ray intensity fluctuation spectroscopy studies of ordering kinetics in a Cu-Pd alloy, K. Ludwig, F. Livet, F. Bley, J.-P. Simon, R. Caudron, D. Le Bolloc’h, and A. Moussaid - Phys. Rev. B 72, 144201 (2005) selected by Highlights ESRF (2005).
  • X-ray intensity fluctuation spectroscopy studies of ordering kinetics in a Cu-Pd alloy, K. Ludwig, F. Livet, F. Bley, J.-P. Simon, R. Caudron, D. Le Bolloc’h, and A. Moussaid - Phys. Rev. B 72 144201 (2005)

Publications 2004

  • Crystallization of -MnO2 nanowires in the pores of SBA-15 silicas : in-situ investigation using synchrotron radiation, Imperor-Clerc M., Bazin D., Appay M.-D., Beaunier P., Davidson A. - Chemistry of Materials 16 1813-1821 (2004)
  • Effect of temperature on carbon nanotube diameter and bundle arrangement I. Hinkov, J. Grand, M. Lamy de la Chapelle, S. Farhat, C. Scott, P. Nikolaev, V. Pichot, P. Launois, J.Y. Mevellec and S. Lefrant. - J. of Applied Physics 95 2029-2037 (2004)
  • Effects of annealing on the structure of the Au/Si(111)–H interface, R. Flammini, F. Wiame, R. Belkhou, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, L. Gregoratti, A. Barinov, M. Marsi and M. Kiskinova - Surface Science 564121-130 (2004)
  • Inelastic x-ray scattering study of CDW dynamics in the Rb0.3MoO3 blue bronze, S. Ravy, H. Requardt, D. Le Bolloc’h, P. Foury, J.P. Pouget, R. Curat, P. Monceau, M. Kirsch - Phys. Rev. B 69 115113 (2004).
  • Inelastic x-ray scattering study of charge-density-wave dynamics in the Rb0.3MoO3 blue bronze, S.Ravy, H. Requardt, D. Le Bolloc’h,P. Foury-leleykian, J.P. Pouget and R.Currat - Phys. Rev. B 69 115113 (2004)
  • Macroscopically aligned carbon nanotubes P. Launois and P. Poulin. - Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4, 1-11 (2004)
  • Mesostructure of anatase thin films prepared by mesophase templating, Bosc F., Ayral A., Albouy P-A., Datas L. et Guizard C. - Chem. Mater. 16 2208-2214 (2004)
  • Neutron scattering evidence for a spin-Peierls state in (TMTTF)2PF6, P. Foury-Leylekian, D. Le Bolloc’h, B. Hennion, S. Ravy, A. Moradpour and J.P. Pouget - Phys. Rev. B 70 Rapid Com., 180405 (2004).
  • Original magnetic alignment of a nematic phase containing single-walled nanotubes C. Da Cruz, P. Launois and M. Veber. - Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4, 52-56 (2004)
  • Periodically ordered nanoscale islands and mesoporous films composed of nanocrystalline multimetallic oxides, Grosso D., Boissière C., Smarsly B., Brezesinski T., Pinna N., Albouy P-A., Amenitsch H., Antonietti M. and Sanchez C. - Nature Materials 3 ) 787-792 (2004)
  • Preparation of multi nano-crystalline transition metal oxide (TiO2-NiTiO3) thin films with cubic mesostructure, Ortis D., Boissière C., Grosso D., Albouy P-A, Amenitsch H. et Sanchez C. New Journal of Chemistry 29 141 (2004)
  • Q-switching regime of the Elettra storage-ring free-electron laser, G. De Ninno, M. Trovò, M. Marsi, M. Danailov, B. Diviacco - Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 528 278-282 (2004)
  • Spin-Peierls lattice fluctuations and disorders in CuGeO3 and its solid solutions, J.P. Pouget, S. Ravy, J.P. Schoeffel, G. Dhalenne and A. Revcolevschi - Eur. Phys. J. B 38 581 (2004)
  • Strain-induced crystallization properties of natural and synthetic cis-polyisoprene, Trabelsi S., Albouy P-A. et Rault J. - Rubber Chem. Technol. 77 303 (2004)
  • Supra-crystal : control of the ordering of self-organization of cobalt nanocrystals at the mesoscopic scale, Lisiecki I., Albouy P-A. et Pileni M-P. - J.Phys.Chem. B 108 20050 (2004)
  • X-ray diffuse scattering as precursor of incommensurate Peierls transitions in one-dimensional organic charge transfer conductors, J.P. Pouget - Z. Kristallogr. 219 711 (2004) Special issue on “Incommensurate Crystals”.

Publications 2003

  • A simple route for low-temperature synthesis of mesoporous and nanocrystalline anatase thin films, Bosc F., Ayral A., Albouy P-A. et Guizard C. - Chem. Mater. 15 2463 (2003)
  • Crystallisation and melting processes in vulcanised stretched natural rubber Trabelsi S., Albouy P-A., Rault J. - Macromolecules 36 7624 (2003)
  • Effective local deformation in stretched filled rubber, Trabelsi S., Albouy P-A., Rault J. - Macromolecules 36 9093 (2003)
  • Face-centered cubic supracrystals of cobalt nanocrystals, Lisiecki I., Albouy P-A. et Pileni M-P. - Adv. Mater. 15 712 (2003)
  • First insight of the mechanisms involved in the self assembly of templated SiO2 and TiO2 meso-organised films during dip-coating,. Grosso D., Babonneau F., Sanchez C., Soler Illia G.A, Crepaldi E., Albouy P-A., Amenitsch H., Balkenende A.R., Brunet-Bruneau A. - Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 26 561 (2003)
  • Highly porous TiO2 Anatase optical thin films with cubic mesostructure stabilised at 700°C, Grosso D., Soler-Illia G.A., Crepaldi E., Cagnol F., Sinturel C., Bourgeois A., Brunet-Bruneau A., Amenitsch H., Albouy P-A., et Sanchez C., Chem. Mater. 24 4562 (2003)
  • Hybrid 3D ordered mesoporous thin films made from organosiloxane precursors, Alonso B., Balkenende A.R., Albouy P-A., Amenitsch H., Rager M.N. et Babonneau F. - J. Sol-Gel Science & Technology, 26 587-591 (2003)
  • One-dimensional instability in BaVS3, S. Fagot, P. Foury-Leylekian, S. Ravy, J.P. Pouget, H Berger - Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 196401 (2003)
  • Phase transformations involved during silica, modified silica and non-silica mesoporous-organized thin films deposition and the role of evaporation, D. Grosso, E. L. Crepaldi, G. J. de A. A. Soler Illia, F. Cagnol, N. Baccile, F. Babonneau, P.A. Albouy, H. Amenitsch, C. Sanchez - Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis (Nanotechnology in Mesostructured Materials), 146 281-284 (2003)
  • Role of gold segregation in the growth mode and the morphology of Fe/Au(0 0 1) magnetic thin film, R. Belkhou, R. Flammini, M. Marsi, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, L. Gregoratti, A. Barinov and M. Kiskinova - Surface Science 532-535 63-69 (2003)
  • The UV European Free Electron Laser at ELETTRA : towards compatibility of storage ring operation for FEL and synchrotron radiation, G. De Ninno, M. Trovò, M. Danailov, M. Marsi, E. Karantzoulis, B. Diviacco, R. P. Walker, R. Bartolini, G. Dattoli, L. Giannessi, L. Mezi, M. E. Couprie, A. Gatto, N. Kaiser, S. Günster and D. Ristau - Nucl. Instrum. Meth. In Physics Research A507 274-280 (2003)
  • Ultra small angle X-ray scattering conditions, limits and results in speckle experiments, F. Livet, F. Bley, F. Ehrburger-Dolle, E Geissler, D Lebolloc’h and T Schulli - J. Appl. Cryst. 36, 774 (2003)