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13 February 2018

New visitor: Hisay Lama

Hisay Lama who is doing his PhD in India, is visiting our group for 4 months with a Raman-Charpak fellowship.
Hisay will work on particle deposition on hydrogels. Welcome to (...)

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8 February 2018

Convective evaporation of vertical films

We just published a paper in Soft Matter on the convective evaporation of vertical films.
Motivated by the evaporation of soap films, which has a significant effect on their lifetime, we (...)

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11 January 2018

The CNRS published a press release about one...

The CNRS published a press release about one of our recent work in collaboration with the Stone group at Princeton University.
This work evidences that water proof writings made with permanent (...)

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Sciences et Bulles

16 November 2017

Sciences et Bulles

During the 2017 Science Fair, we organized a show with great french bubbling artists and some of us. This video is a short summarry of the show.
With, as the scientists:
- Florence Elias – Maître (...)

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20 October 2017

Science party

Last Sunday, on the 15th of October, some of us presented to the locals some experiments on bubbles and foams. As for each year, children and parents are delighted to learn how beauty can be (...)

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