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16 May 2019

Group Days, from 4 to 6 June 2019!

During these days, we will go to the Moulin de Mousseau (Montbouy, France) to exchange about science and spend friendly moments. It is in this green setting that we will discuss around a "journal (...)

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11 April 2019

Coalescence in Two-Dimensional Foams: A Purely Statistical Process Dependent on Film Area

A new publication in PRL:
While coalescence is ultimately the most drastic destabilization process in foams, its underlying processes are still unclear. To better understand them, we track (...)

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28 October 2018

Temperature-Controlled Slip of Polymer Melts on Ideal Substrates

We recently published an article on the effect of the temperature on the slip of liquids. Here is the abstract.
The temperature dependence of the hydrodynamic boundary condition between a (...)

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19 September 2018

Slippage of viscoelastic fluids. The boundary condition.

We just published an article on the slippage of complex fluides at the solid-liquid interface. Using a dynamic Surface Force Apparatus, we have demonstrated that the notion of slip length used to (...)

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Group days in Normandy

20 June 2018

Group days in Normandy

This year, we spend our group days in Normandy. Two days to get lectures on interfaces from Liliane and Anniina, to present seminal and recent articles, share drinks and food and to go hicking on (...)

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