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Selection of nice images coming out of our studies. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Interference colors of draining soap films in a foam.
Dried drop of silica nanoparticles on a elastomeric floating sheet. The sheet is buckled due to the retraction of the drop. CC BY
F. Boulogne
Two interleaved books
C. Poulard
Recrystallization of hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane: a step in the grafting of polymers
M. Hénot
A 2D foam
A 2D foam after coarsening.
A foam sitting on a liquid pool contains more liquid at the bottom than at the top.
Colored water drop sitting on a hydrogel. CC BY
F. Boulogne
Experiment of fluorescence recovery after phobleaching
M. Hénot
Interference colors of draining soap films in a foam.
Solution of fluorescent, photobleachable polymers
M. Hénot
Patches formed by adsorption of polystyrene particles on the surface of a hydrogel. CC BY
F. Boulogne.
Foams made out of emulsions can be superstable or very unstable depending on the interaction beween the bubbles and drops.
A. Salonen
An emulsion of PEG in PDMS viewed in tomography X
A. Giustiniani
Drainage of thin films of DBP and TFB view of a structuration at small scales
T. Gaillard
Generation of bubbles in a microfluidic devices
T. Gaillard
A monodispersed foam of DBP
T. Gaillard
Horizontal thin film of DBP
T. Gaillard