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Lab-on-a-Chip manufacture

Lab-on-a-Chip manufacture

In the lab we use a lot of Lab-on-a-Chip techniques to generate liquid and solid foams, emulsions, or foamed emulsions. In such Labs-on-a-Chip fluids and gases are injected at constant flow rate into a purpose-designed channel network. This channel network serves many different purposes, such as the generation of monodisperse bubbles and droplets, or the mixing of involved chemicals.

In order to manufacture the Labs-on-a-Chip, we use a hot embossing technique (We thank Laurent Malaquin and Velan Taniga for helping us to set up the technique).
The channel is created using a micro-milling technique A PDMS negative is formed from the milled channel and placed into a mold.
The mold is filled with a granular polymer The mold is closed
The mold is heated above the glass transition temperature of the polymer and then put under pressure After cooling down one obtains a copy of the original channel
Holes are drilled into the channel system The holes obtain a threading to connect the luers for the tubing