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Ellipsometric microscopy

Microscope ellipsométrique Imaging Ellipsometry operates on the principle of classical null ellipsometry and real-time ellipsometric contrast imaging.

This microscope allows to achieve a vertical resolution of a fraction of nanometer and a lateral resolution up to 1 μm.

- Laser 15mW@532 nm
- Objectives 10x (NA=0.21), 20x (NA=0.35)
- Motorized goniometer 40-90°, angle resolution 0.001°, speed of motion 5°s.
- CCD camera w/768x572 pixels
- Manual Sample Handling Stage
- Mounted on an active anti-vibrating system.

High speed acquisition To allow high speed measurements, the ellipsometer performs a local analysis and a linear approximation.


- Laser : 632.8 nm
- 150 mm (z-tilt) stage
- Goniometer - Auto collimating telescope/microscope
- Precision of film thickness : 0.1 °A for 100 nm SiO2 on Si
- Precision of refractive index : 5x10−4 for 100 nm SiO2 on Si