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Olympus IX83
X, Y, Z motorized
long working distance objectives
Extra tube lens
reflected and transmitted illumination
fluorescence (FITC)
Hamamatsu camera (orca flash)
software: (...)

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Chemistry and physical chemistry

If polymer chemistry is not the main purpose of our work, we nevertheless want to be able to characterize and synthetize some polymers.
Anionic polymerization setup
HPLC in THF (...)

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Polymer physics

Adamel L’Homargy DY32 test instrumentAdamel L’Homargy DY32 test instrument Different sensors are available on this setup.
Peeling test available
Control of the (...)

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Ellipsometric microscopy
Microscope ellipsométrique Imaging Ellipsometry operates on the principle of classical null ellipsometry and real-time ellipsometric contrast imaging.
This microscope (...)

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Lab-on-a-Chip manufacture

Lab-on-a-Chip manufacture
In the lab we use a lot of Lab-on-a-Chip techniques to generate liquid and solid foams, emulsions, or foamed emulsions. In such Labs-on-a-Chip fluids and gases are (...)

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Characterisation of thin liquid films

The Ocean Optics Spectrometer uses the interference of light of different colors reflected from a thin liquid film to measure it’s thickness with nano-meter accuracy.
Thin Film (...)

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Characterisation of liquid interfaces

Characterisation of liquid interfaces
Liquid interfaces are characterized by an interfacial tension and their mechanic response to deformation. Unlike bulk liquids, interfaces are compressible. (...)

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Characterisation of foams and emulsions

Imaging and automated image analysis
We have a large number of computer-controlled cameras which allow us to take images, record images sequences or make movies of foams and emulsions. These (...)

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Generation of foams and emulsions

Generation of foams and emulsions
The properties of foams and emulsions depend strongly on their structural properties, such as the bubble size and the bubble size distribution, and also the (...)

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