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Welcome to the web page of the research team "Liquid Interfaces"

Our research aims to understand and control the properties of dispersed systems, such as foams, emulsions, or foamed emulsions, by bridging at least three different lenght scales. Starting from the behaviour of interfacially active agents (such as surfactants, proteins, polymers, or nano-particles) at gas/liquid or liquid/liquid interfaces, we try to understand the properties of thin liquid films, and finally those of foams, emulsions and even foamed emulsions, stabilised by the same agents.

Bubble bursting

Lorène investigated how the drainage and rupture of surfactant-stabilised bubbles floating at the surface of a liquid pool depend on the concentration of surface-active molecules in water.

Link to the article

Anniina defends her habilitation on : “Some Soft Matter in Foam”

Friday 22nd of april at 9.30 am in the amphi-theatre "Blandin" of the LPS.

My thesis in 180 s

Anais makes it to the finals of Saclay and convinces the audience about the importance of using Mayonaise to glue book shelfs to walls !

Small bubble foams are different !

Zenaida shows that foams with very small bubbles coalesce much faster than foams with bigger bubbles. Hypothesis : the reorganisation of small bubbles in a foam is much faster and does not allow the surfactant to cover the interfaces. Link to the article

Superstable free-standing films with modified silicones

Thibaut publishes his work on the drainage and outstanding stability of free-standing films of melts of modified, amhiphilic silicones. The article was made "Editors choice" by the journal "Macromolecules".

Link to the article