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  • de Izarra A, Choi C, Jang YH, Lansac Y. Ionic Liquid for PEDOT:PSS Treatment. Ion Binding Free Energy in Water Revealing the Importance of Anion Hydrophobicity. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2021;125(7):1916-1923. Available at: Consulté avril 27, 2021.


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  • Chevreuil M, Lecoq L, Wang S, et al. Nonsymmetrical Dynamics of the HBV Capsid Assembly and Disassembly Evidenced by Their Transient Species. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2020;124(45):9987-9995.

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  • Du H, de Oliveira FA, Albuquerque LJC, et al. Polyglycidol-Stabilized Nanoparticles as a Promising Alternative to Nanoparticle PEGylation: Polymer Synthesis and Protein Fouling Considerations. Langmuir. 2020;36(5):1266-1278.

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