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Antonio TEJEDA

I am a CNRS researcher working at Laboratoire de Physique des Solides (Orsay).

My research is mainly focused on low dimensional systems, as solid surfaces, interfaces between two solid materials, layered compounds or graphene. There, physics is often different from that of massive materials : electronic quantum confinement appears, characteristic phase transitions are triggered, and electronic correlation is enhanced. I am interested in all these phenomena.

Examples of systems with electronic confinement that interest me are nanometric boxes on metals or graphene nano ribbons. The phase transitions that I study are often related to electron correlation (Mott transitions), or to atomic motions (dynamical fluctuation transitions) or to electronic instabilities (charge density waves). I am now also interested on studying phase transitions and charge transfer processes on photovoltaic materials.

In order to study the physics in these systems, my approach is the use of complementary experimental techniques to study both the atomic and the electronic structure, typically microscopies or diffraction techniques combined with electron spectroscopies. I also collaborate with theorists to further analyze the systems.