M. Hakl, et al., “Energy scale of Dirac electrons in Cd3As2”, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 97, p. 115206, 2018.Abstract
Cadmium arsenide (Cd3As2) has recently became conspicuous in solid-state physics due to several reports proposing that it hosts a pair of symmetry-protected 3D Dirac cones. Despite vast investigations, a solid experimental insight into the band structure of this material is still missing. Here we fill one of the existing gaps in our understanding of Cd3As2, and based on our Landau-level spectroscopy study, we provide an estimate for the energy scale of 3D Dirac electrons in this system. We find that the appearance of such charge carriers is limited-contrary to a widespread belief in the solid-state community-to a relatively small energy scale (below 40 meV).