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Popularization seminars for the general public entitled " le Petit Séminaire de Vulgarisation", open to the whole university and more.

Organizers : Catherine Even and Marie-France Mariotto
A workshop focused on climate change teaching. Orsay, June 28th 2020

Among the organizers : Catherine Even
The 5th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (PhysBio 2020). Palaiseau, Ecole Polytechnique, June 22-24 2020

Among the organizers :
Marion Lherbette and Eric Raspaud
Training dedicated to climate change and energetic issues. Orsay, June 9-12 2020

Among the organizers : Catherine Even
Selected Talk given by Marion Lherbette to the 9th workshop organized by the french Biofilms network, Nancy, December 3-4 2019 The best lecture award for an outstanding oral presentation at the 21st international Hair-science symposium HairS’19, Schluchsee Sept 11-13 2019
Laureate : Laura Sabatier
The 4th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems
(PhysBio 2018). Gif-sur-Yvette, Oct 22-24 2018

Among the committee members :
Laura Sabatier and Eric Raspaud (Chair)
Contribution of Laura Sabatier to the french popularization series "e=M6". 2018, September 24th
A PALM international and multidisciplinary summer school took place at Gif-sur-Yvette (Centre Frachon), from August 28th to September 06th, 2018. It aimed to bring together world-leading physicists and biologists interested in microbial life, international students (masters students, graduate students, post-docs) and young and senior scientists, to provide a comprehensive overview of the current progress
Organizers : Pietro Cicuta (UK), Knut Drescher (GER), Eric Raspaud (FRA)
a publication entitled " La mécanique des biofilms à la surface des liquides" published in the review of the french physicists society. 2018 jan-feb, n° 56.
Authors : Carine Douarche, Virginie Bailleux, Catherine Even, Jean-Marc Allain, Christophe Regeard and Eric Raspaud
a book of astronomy for young people :
E. Beaudoin et C. Even-Beaudoin, Petites experiences insolites pour découvrir l’univers, Dunod 2015
a workshop on electroactivity of biological systems at different scales was organized in November 2015.
Related links :
Proceedings are published on line at :


Catherine Even and Fatma Briki give different courses of physics to the licence and master students of University Paris-Sud, Paris-Saclay.


Catherine Even
In my teaching, I try to emphasize on experiments, applications and connections to everyday life.
I feel also very concerned about the climate issue, and thus introduced climate physics in my courses : there is a devoted chapter on the climate in my thermodynamics course + a corresponding tutorial, and I teach climate and energy issues within a course entitled “sustainable development”.


Teaching for 2019-2020 :
— Electromagnetic waves and applications (L3) : lecture + tutorial (+ practical till last year)
— Thermodynamics (L2) : lecture
— Fluid mechanics (L3) : lecture + tutorial + practical
— Sustainable development (L1) : lecture (climate-energy issues) + tutorial
— Experimental projects : see the manuscript here describing the projects, and two articles on some of the experiments :
* R. Henaff, G. Le Doudic, B. Pilette, C. Even, J-M Fischbach, F. Bouquet, J. Bobroff, M. Monteverde and C. Marrache-Kikuchi, A study of kinetic friction : the Timoshenko oscillator, Am. J. Phys. 86(3), 174 (2018).
* A. Hilberer, G. Laurent, A. Lorin, A. Partier, J. Bobroff, F. Bouquet, C. Even, J-M Fischbach, C. A. Marrache-Kikuchi, M. Monteverde, B. Pilette, and C. Quay, Temperature-dependent transport mesaurements with Arduino, accepted at Papers in Physics. See the manuscript here.


In the past (among others) :
— creation of an innovative optics course ; highlight 2016 of European Journal of Physics ( C. Even, C. Balland, V. Guillet,Learning through experimenting : an original way of teaching geometrical optics, Eur. J. Phys., 37 (2016) 065707) : see
— creation of a new experiment for the students : see C. Even, F. Bouquet , J. Rémond and B. Deloche, Measuring viscosity with a levitating magnet :application to complex fluids, Eur. J. Phys. 30, 13 (2009)

Academic book :
— Textbook for students (L1, L2) : A. Douillet, C. Even-Beaudoin, N. Lebrun, N. Lidgi-Guigui, N. Vernier, Physique, Dunod (2017)