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  • - Post-doctoral position on biofilm mechanics


  • - Internship - level L3 to M2, on biofilms (mechanical or electrical properties)


Each year, the french national research center (CNRS) offers permanent researcher positions through competitive examinations (*). Being affiliated with CNRS and with Paris-Saclay University, our laboratory hosts CNRS researchers and professors working on physics of different systems. Our team, named TICE, is interested in various physical properties (structural, mechanical, electrical,…) of biological cells and their assembly in tissues or biofilms (**). We would like to offer to a young excellent researcher (29-32 years) an environment where the candidate, experimentalist, would work on her/his own research projects and work on joined projects within the team.

The candidate should present a research program related to at least one of the following fields :

Section 11 : Supra and Macromolecular Materials and Systems : elaboration, properties and functions

Section 22 :Cell biology, Developmental biology, Evolutionary developmental biology, Reproduction

CID 54 : Experimental methods, concepts and instrumentation in materials science and life science engineering

Application deadline : beginning of January 2020

Offering starting date : October 2020

Contact : (please send your CV)