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Bio Labs

Two separate labs are dedicated to the two cells (eukaryotes and prokaryotes) culture. We share our labs with the SOBIO biophysics team. Thought located in a physics building, the two labs offer (...)

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Confocal Microscopy

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Electrical Instruments

Basic electrical Instruments : Multimeter, Low Frequency Generator, Oscilloscope, lock-in amplifier
Three Potentiostats

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Force setups

Multiple lab-made force setups adapted to the systems (wide range of force values at different length scales) thanks to the technical services "Instrumentation" and "Mechanical Engineering" and (...)

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Light scattering

All the instruments (laser, goniometer, counter, correlator, sensitive detector) required to perform light-scattering measurements are available but not mounted at the present (...)

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PrimoVert (Inverted) & PrimoStar (Straight) Zeiss Microscopes
Observer.Z1 Fluorescent Zeiss Microscope equipped with Apotome
Multiple SONY cameras with different objectives to monitor (...)

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Physics Labs

Most of our experiments are performed in two "Physics labs" different from the Bio labs. Still two safety cabinets, placed in one of the Physics Labs, allow to prepare the bio samples in sterile (...)

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