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Amyloid fibers in kidney

Amyloidoses form a large heterogeneous group of diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson or kidney amyloidosis. They are characterized by the presence of deposits in a tissue that consist of (...)

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Biomechanics of biofilms

Biofilms are living systems with a heterogeneous and multicomponent structure. This makes challenging the understanding of their mechanical properties as compared to other inert and homogeneous (...)

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Electroactivity of Biofilms

Biofilms are one of the most prevalent life modes of microorganisms in natural and industrial settings. A decade ago, the biofilm formation on electrodes immersed into sediments was found to (...)

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Intermediate filaments in hair

Hair fiber is a biological composite material mainly composed of keratin embedded in a peptide-matrix. Keratin is the intermediate filament (IF) specific of hair and skin. IFs are the main (...)

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Mécanique cellulaire : rôle des filaments intermédiaires

(only in french, sorry ! translation in progress)
Le cystosquelette est formé par trois types de réseaux filamenteux ayant des propriétés mécaniques et dynamiques complémentaires : actine, filaments (...)

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Mechanics of normal and myopathic living muscle cells

Mechanics of normal and myopathic living muscle cells
This topic deals with studying changes in mechanical properties of cells when mutations are present in a cytoskeletal protein involved in (...)

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Molecular organization in tissues

Molecular organization in tissues in relation with their properties and functions
Synchrotron X-Ray microbeams have become promising and decisive tools to explore the local structure of (...)

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